Sharlene Forbes - White Ribbon Champion

My Responsibilities

To encourage men and boys to take an active role in preventing male violence against women.

To promote White Ribbon UK amongst my friends, colleagues and communities.

To use White Ribbon UK presentations and materials and follow guidelines for other events.

To work towards encouraging 100 people, especially men, to make the White Ribbon Promise.


We will seek to achieve our goals through partnership with all groups, organisations and businesses that share our vision.


We will aim to empower individuals to participate in the work of White Ribbon UK at all levels.


We shall ensure that all staff, trustees, ambassadors, champions and volunteers will treat others with respect.


We aim to demonstrate integrity in all our dealings with the public and live our values.


We recognise that we will encounter people who are at risk, have experienced or are experiencing male violence and we will not take any action that would place others in danger.


We will be sensitive to, and listen to, people who are at risk.


We aim to provide an inclusive environment where diversity and individual difference are understood and respected. 

Accredited Organisations

All organisations Large and Small are able to become White Ribbon Accredited and partner with us in making a difference. If your own workplace is not already accredited I would like to encourage you to do so!